Jaeger-LeCoultre – Master Compressor Extreme LAB 2

A new chronograph joins the line of Master Compressor Extreme LAB  cheap replica watches, a collection distinguished by precise and reliable time measurement. The Master Compressor Extreme LAB 2 embodies a combination of scientific materials, cutting-edge materials and horological research. Better still, the master artisans of Jaeger-LeCoultre have breathed into it their passion for pushing ever further the limits of the world around us.

The Manufacture systematically applies a fundamental principle to all its creations: however complex a best replica watches, it makes no compromises when it comes to functionality and pragmatism. This new model thus combines extremely sophisticated ergonomics with the precision and reliability that are a must at Jaeger-LeCoultre. The Master Compressor Extreme LAB 2 features a crownintegrated function selector that handles especially smoothly, a patented digital counter to indicate the chronograph jumping seconds, a manual stop seconds device, a radial power-reserve indication and a GMT function enabling at-a-glance readings. Its movement is housed in a sturdy case made of a light and resistant TiVan15 titanium alloy. It is fitted with a high-tech ultra scratchresistant ceramic bezel. Pushpieces specially designed to ensure optimal user friendless provide a broad surface coated with rubber grooves and serve as a crown guard. A fast strap-change system is incorporated into the caseback and the new double pin buckle provides unprecedented length adjustment ensuring a perfect fit on the wrist.

The Master Compressor Extreme LAB 2 is designed to be a reliable and easily manoeuverable companion. The watchmakers of the Manufacture have succeeded in simplifying its handling while guaranteeing precision and reliability. To ensure access to the various new replica watches functions whatever the conditions of wear, they have developed a function selector and an independent stop-seconds mechanism.

The function selector

Activated by means of a crown-integrated pushpiece, the function selector serves to adjust all functions without involving the inevitably delicate operation of pulling out the crown. Once the function is selected, the adjustment can be made by simply turning the crown. When the latter is in “neutral” position, the crown serves to wind the barrels. One press takes the user to the position required to adjust the dual time-zone display as well as the date. Another press switches the crown to main time-zone adjustment mode. And a final press brings the system back to its initial position.

This system does away with the need to pull out the crown and thus ensures peerless water resistance without needing to resort to the traditional compression key.

Stop seconds device

In the time-setting position, the seconds hand continues running and the precision of the Omega replica watches online rating is thus not impaired. To ensure perfect synchronisation with a time signal, the user simply operates the slide located on the left side of the case. Simultaneously sliding and pressing it stops the seconds hand, which will continue running again when the slide is released. This handling in two phases – sliding and pressing – serves to avoid any accidental handling.

Functionality and endurance, the essential attributes of the Extreme LAB 2

Power reserve

The functions of a wrist latest replica watches depend on the force transmitted to the movement. The barrel of the Master Compressor Extreme LAB 2 guarantees a constant supply of energy for 60 hours. To consult the level of energy available at any given time, a new patented radial display providing simple and intuitive readability is arranged around the rim of the upper dial section. As the power reserve is gradually depleted, the various segments on the semi-circular indication turn from white to blue. This generously sized and unique display mode facilitates an instant check of the level of the barrel’s degree of winding, even in poor light.

Inventive pushpiece construction

The two traditional pushpieces are covered and protected by two L-shaped metal levers that pivot around the crown. They provide a broad contact area while protecting the crown and its integrated function selector. The upper surface of the pushpiece is coated with rubber grooves to ensure a non-slip grip.

Dual time zone

The Master Compressor Extreme LAB has a GMT function. The second time zone, which displays the time in the owner’s usual place of residence, is shown by a second central hours hand, complete with a 24-hour display at 6 o’clock. The time zone is adjusted via a crown-integrated function selector and also drives the date in both forwards or backwards directions.

This new model is powered by Jaeger-LeCoultre Calibre 780, featuring a column-wheel-controlled chronograph. Precision starting and stopping of the time measurement is ensured by a vertical coupling-clutch. The large balance with its 11.5 mg.cm2 moment of inertia beats at a cadence of 28,800 vibrations per hour and its amplitudes vary only marginally when sustaining shocks. It is fitted with variable-inertia adjustment screws. The absence of the index generally used to adjust the frequency of the balance eliminates the risk of a change in position if subjected to a violent shock. The balance-spring studholder is held by two screws which, once put in place, are secured definitively. The balance-spring itself is fitted with a specific protective device that restricts its oscillation in case of shocks. The balance-cock is held by two pinning points in order to enhance its resistance.

When it comes to endurance, the automatic rotor, which is mounted on ceramic ball bearings that require no lubricant, winds the barrel of the high quality replica watches so as to ensure a 60-hour power reserve. All movement components are meticulously decorated.

Strap system

The inventively designed new integrated interchangeable strap system is operated by means of a lever on the caseback. Rotating it releases the strap attachment and enables a smooth and easy change. The double alligator strap guarantees maximum durability and comfort, while the secure double pin buckle ensures precise two-position adjustment between each notch.

Digital chronograph minutes counter

In order to guarantee optimal at-a-glance readability the top fake watchmakers of the Manufacture have designed a display enabling instant read-off. A large doubledigit counter ideally situated at 12 o’clock indicates the chronograph minutes. Its operation is based on an instant-jump mechanism activated at the exact moment when the seconds hand completes one full turn. The chronograph hours totaliser is located at 9 o’clock, coaxially with the movement seconds.

A powerful design for optimised use

The black ceramic bezel of the Extreme LAB 2 offers superior protection, as does the scratch-resistant sapphire crystal. The crown, also made of ceramic, echoes the particularly elegant bezel with its polished and satin-brushed finish. For the case middle, the engineers of the Manufacture have chosen a two-part construction on which an external brancard (carrier or shaft) serves as a strap attachment and a base for the inner case housing the movement. This system combines robustness and lightness thanks to TiVan15, a titanium and vanadium alloy providing 15% greater traction resistance than traditional titanium alloys.

The substantially openworked dial serves to observe the details of the calibre structure through the sapphire crystal. The black or ruthenium coating of various movement components creates a striking contrast with the numerals and hands in order to give the chronograph maximum readability.

High-tech materials, daring shapes combined with the double-ringed case structure, add to the aesthetic intensity of this chronograph. It alternates between blue and white colour codes, particularly on the chronograph hours counters, permeated by a resolutely graphic spirit and driven by a concern for legibility. While its appearance is undeniably complex, the Master Compressor Extreme LAB 2 is easily tamed by the person who has chosen to adopt it.

Skeleton Crew: Exploring Armin Strom

The story of the Armin Strom brand goes back nearly half a century. WatchTime Editor-in-Chief Joe Thompson takes us back in this feature article from our October 2014 issue.In 1967, Armin Strom, a 29-year-old watchmaker who specialized in clock restoration, opened a clock store in the town of Burgdorf, Switzerland, in Canton Bern. He soon branched out into skeletonizing cheap replica watches uk movements, paring away material from their bridges and plates until only enough was left to ensure the components would function, then decorating the remaining surfaces with manual engraving.

For nearly two decades, he plied his trade in near anonymity, skeletonizing movements, casing them, and selling them in his store. Then he began casting a wider net. In 1984, he exhibited for the first time at the Basel Fair. In 1990, he won inclusion in the Guinness Book of Records for the world’s smallest hand- skeletonized movement. As the ’90s progressed, word of his skeletonizing prowess spread through the watch industry and he began doing contract work for other cheap replica watches uk companies.

In 2006, when Strom was starting to plan his retirement, he approached a friend and customer named Willy Michel about buying his company. Michel was a local businessman; the Michel family owned a pharmaceutical company in Burgdorf. The family bought a 51-percent interest in Strom’s company. Strom retained a 49-percent interest, agreeing to stay on for the time being as head of production and training. Michel put his son, Serge, in charge of the firm, which consisted of little more than Strom himself and two other watchmakers. The Michel family’s goal was to turn Armin Strom into a real best replica watches uk company, with series production, and to build the Armin Strom brand.

Serge Michel and Claude Greisler are building a brand inspired by Swiss skeletonizing specialist Armin Strom.

The next year, Serge Michel hired a watchmaker named Claude Greisler to be the company’s technical director. Greisler, like Serge Michel, was born in Burgdorf in 1978. He had studied new replica watchmaking at the École Technique in Le Locle, where he specialized in complications, restoration and construction. When Michel hired him, he was working as a movement designer at Christophe Claret.

The first watch the company made under its new ownership was a regulator, skeletonized as an homage to Strom. It contained Caliber ASR07, a modified version of a volume- produced movement. With this watch, the company introduced the Four Elements marketing concept it uses today, in which four different versions of the cheap IWC replica watches, distinguished by their case materials, are denoted by the labels Air, Fire, Water and Earth.

But Greisler believed that to succeed, the company would have to make its own movements. Customers wanted exclusive movements, not mass-produced ones, but it was hard to find outside suppliers who could furnish them.

At first, Serge Michel thought that developing an in-house movement would be too risky: the investment would be large and the return uncertain. But Greisler persevered. He drafted a business plan that eliminated all but the absolutely essential machinery and personnel: a skeleton operation, so to speak. The biggest cost-saving measure was that the movements would be designed in house, by Greisler himself.

Greisler had two other important ideas. First, the company would cover some of the cost of its new machines by charging other replica fake watches uk manufacturers to use them. Second, the various movements – plans called for several different ones − would be designed according to a kind of modular system: some sets of components could be used interchangeably from one caliber to the next. The movements, all in the brand’s portfolio today, are a double-barrel manual-wind one, a single-barrel manual wind, an automatic movement and a tourbillon movement.

“We designed a gear train that could be utilized in each of these movements,” Greisler says. “We also planned the hand-setting and winding mechanism for maximum versatility so it could be installed in several different movements. We planned the caliber with twin barrels early on, but we designed its architecture so one barrel could either be eliminated or replaced by a micro-rotor without requiring a lot of labor. We also arranged the construction so a tourbillon could replace the [standard] escapement. The gear train, levers, springs and screws remain mostly identical in each caliber.” The bridges and plates are individually designed for each movement.

The Gravity automatic model in the company’s Racing collection. The movement’s bridges are made from the motor block of a Formula 1 car.

Since he was starting from scratch, Greisler was free to design the movements as he saw fit. The team agreed on a round top replica watches uk with a diameter of 43 mm. They wanted the movement to fill the case, so they decided to make it 37 mm in diameter.

Beyond that, they wanted the watch to reflect the spirit of Armin Strom’s 40 years of painstaking labor at the bench. “We wanted to bring Armin Strom’s life work into the present day by creating a new interpretation of skeletonized watches,” Greisler says. “So we asked ourselves: What makes these watches what they are? First, the movement is visible from both the front and the rear. Second, a skeletonized watch has a strongly 3-D character, because you can gaze into the movement. Third, the caliber is manually engraved. We wanted our manufacture watch to include all three elements in a new form.” The watches he envisioned would not actually be skeletonized, but would have open dials and movements designed so you could see inside them. They would be a figurative, rather than literal, tribute to Armin Strom’s skeletonizing skill.

Armin Strom had been skeletonizing watches for nearly 40 years when he sold a majority stake in his operation to the Michel family.

These requirements in mind, Greisler sketched a design for a watch. Michel liked it so much that he asked Greisler to do a complete, finished design. The only precondition was that the styling should be distinctive and contemporary, but not trendy: the team wanted the watches to still look good 10 years later. Greisler says there are advantages to having one person design both fake watches uk and movement: there’s no need to coordinate among two or more teams. “I can work on the design and, if technical problems crop up, I can try to solve them through the construction. The whole thing develops in the course of many little steps,” he says.

How does such a construction process proceed? The first step is to specify the barrel’s size and position. Afterwards the locations are chosen for the wheels and the escapement subassembly, followed by the winding mechanism and any additional functions (like a date indicator or a power-reserve display). Many sketches are drawn by hand so the designers can tell, for example, how thick each of the wheels needs to be. Afterwards the movement is completely diagrammed by computer so the designers can view 3-D animations of the sequences of motion and make sure everything works properly.

Based on the thickness of a spring and the shape given to it, a computer program can even simulate the component’s strength, speed and degree of metal fatigue. Finally, the tolerances must be specified in order to build the parts for a prototype, which then undergoes thorough testing to determine if any changes are needed before a pilot series can be fabricated.

The company’s facility in Bienne, where the company moved in 2009

While this work was underway, the company bought a new, larger building in Bienne, filled it with 3 million Swiss francs’ worth of machines, and hired people to operate them. It moved into the building in 2009.

“During the first four months, our machinery produced more shavings than usable components,” Greisler says, “but we’d anticipated that and had included it in our scheduling. There’s simply no alternative to testing and adjusting the machinery on site.”

In one serendipitous instance, a flawed component led to an aesthetic improvement. Greisler had designed the movement with the crown wheels turning on the dial side. To make the gears look more interesting, he skeletonized them. There was one problem: the lathe was producing faulty disks that were domed rather than flat. But Greisler liked them. “They looked like car-wheel rims. We decided to intentionally produce this effect and to give a matching 3-D shape to the wheel spokes.”

It only took a little over one year, from the summer of 2008 to November 2009, for Armin Strom to set up its movement-making operation and develop its first in-house movement, the ARM09, which is hand-wound and has a seven-day power reserve. A high quality replica watches uk containing the movement, the One Week, was introduced at Baselworld in 2010.

The “Air,” or tanium, version of the One Week watch, which contains Caliber ARM09

The company set itself a goal of introducing at least one new in-house movement per year. In 2011, it launched an in-house automatic tourbillon movement. (That year, Strom retired. He is still a shareholder in the company.) The next year it brought out a manual-wind, double-barrel tourbillon movement. In 2013 came an automatic movement and, at Baselworld 2014, an automatic with date and a skeletonized version of the first movement, the ARM09.

In 2013, Armin Strom made 450 watches, in 35 different references, all with in-house movements and nearly all produced in limited editions of 50 or 100 pieces (the exception is a tourbillon model in the Formula 1-inspired Racing collection, of which just two pieces will be made). They are priced from $10,000 to $130,000. There are eight collections. All but two of them are organized according to the Four Elements principle, with Fire models having rose-gold cases, Earth models PVD-coated steel cases, Air models titanium cases and Water models uncoated steel cases.

The ADD date movement, launched last year.

The company now employs 22 people. Michel’s plans call for a surge in production over the next five years, to 5,000 pieces per year. To reach that goal, he’ll have to put the same effort into selling replica watches uk as he does into making them. “We invested in the manufacture and the product. Now we need investment in marketing and sales,” he says.

Baselworld 2015: Hublot Big Bang Unico “Full Magic Gold” Marks 10 Years of Big Bang

Hublot celebrates the 10th anniversary of its now-iconic Big Bang collection in 2015. At Baselworld, the Swiss brand renowned for its “fusion” concept of mixing materials will debut the new Hublot Big Bang Unico Full Magic Gold, which it calls “the most scratch-resistant gold top replica watches ever created.” Scroll down for more info.

Hublot first announced its proprietary, patented “Magic Gold” alloy in 2011, and the material made its commercial debut in the case of a Big Bang Ferrari limited edition cheap replica watches in 2012. Magic Gold, certified as 18 carats by the Central Office for Precious Metals Control, was developed by Hublot in Switzerland in a partnership with the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL). It is a mixture of 24k gold with high-tech ceramics, created in a complex process that involves pre-formed boron carbide powder in molds, which is then hardened at extremely high temperatures, creating a rigid, porous structure. Afterward, molten liquid gold is injected into the structure under very high pressure, filling the pores to create the final alloy, whose defining property is its exceptional resistance to scratches: its hardness is close to 1,000 Vickers, whereas standard 18k gold is only 400 Vickers.  (For a detailed explanation of how Hublot creates its Magic Gold, click here to read our article on the process.)

The Hublot Big Bang Unico Full Magic Gold is a limited edition of 250 pieces. Like its brethren in the Big Bang Unico family (the first Big Bang  was introduced in 2013; you can read about it here), it sports a big 45-mm-diameter case, with a bezel secured by H-shaped screws (here in black PVD-treated titanium), and is outfitted with Hublot’s in-house Unico movement. The Unico (also dubbed caliber HUB 1242) is an automatic movement equipped with a flyback chronograph function incorporating a column wheel and a double clutch — both of which are visible on the dial side thanks to the best Cartier replica watch’s skeleton dial. The date is visible in a white window at 3 o’clock.

Hublot Big Bang Full Magic Gold - front

The polished Magic Gold case (which is water-resistant to 100 meters and is fitted with a nonreflective sapphire crystal in the front and back) also sports a Hublot logo-branded crown made of black satin-finished PVD titanium and chronograph push-pieces in the same material. The caseback is made not of Magic Gold but of micro-blasted black PVD titanium (there’s that “fusion” again). The dial features subdials with satin-finished gilt counter rings at 9 o’clock (for small seconds) and 3 o’clock (for the chronograph minutes counter). The gilt-plated hands and indices are coated with Super-LumiNova. The Unico movement, including the rotor, has a striking anthracite gray treatment and holds a new replica watches  power reserve of 72 hours. The Hublot Big Bang Unico comes on a structured, ribbed black rubber strap with a deployant buckle in black PVD titanium. The price is expected to be announced at Baselworld 2015.

Hublot Big Bang Full Magic Gold - angle

IWC – Swiss filmmakers in the spotlight

Swiss replica watches film promotion receives fresh boost: film director Marc Forster, Georges Kern, CEO of IWC Schaffhausen, Zurich Film Festival co-directors Nadja Schildknecht and Karl Spoerri and Ringier CEO Marc Walder have joined forces to found the joint “Verein zur Filmförderung in der Schweiz” (Association for Film Promotion in Switzerland), with the aim of increasing the significance of national film projects. The central feature of the Association’s activities is the “Filmmaker Award”, which will be presented annually to support one or more selected projects.

The idea for the “Verein zur Filmförderung in der Schweiz” (Association for Film Promotion in Switzerland) was born from a commitment to the film industry and Switzerland’s own film and media culture shared by the five founding members, as well as from their personal friendships and professional collaboration, which in some cases stretches back over many years. “We are all passionate about cinema and film, and decided to give Swiss filmmaking a boost by focusing our efforts on promising film projects,” is how the Association’s President, IWC CEO Georges Kern, sums up the motivation of the replica watches for sale individuals behind the project. The non-profit association is based in Zurich and was founded on 9 December 2014. The Board comprises Nadja Schildknecht and Karl Spoerri, founders and co-directors of the Zurich Film Festival (ZFF), Ringier CEO Marc Walder, and Marc Forster, who has established an international reputation as film director, producer and screenplay writer.

Support for Swiss filmmakers

The main priority of the “Verein zur Filmförderung in der Schweiz” is the support of Swiss film productions. “Thanks to our experience and a worldwide network of national and international partners, we are ideally positioned to strengthen the standing of Swiss filmmaking and promote it beyond the country’s borders,” explains Karl Spoerri. “Our aim is to be a cheap replica watches flexible and unbureaucratic source of support to filmmakers when traditional sources of funding are either exhausted or not available for other reasons.”

Someone who knows how tough the film business can be and how much determination it takes to make a name for yourself is Marc Forster. No one was waiting for the German-Swiss director back when he graduated from New York University’s film school. He wrote a best Breitling replica watches number of screenplays and made several low-budget films before landing his big breakthrough. “When you’re producing a movie, you can find yourself without money for any number of reasons. Small national productions in particular are often forced to make savings at the cost of quality. Even a relatively small amount of money can get you out of a difficult situation. To ensure that the Association’s funds are used to the best possible effect, we will be on hand to give filmmakers solid, practical advice,” he explains. Today, he is a respected filmmaker who made an international name for himself with hit films “Monster’s Ball” and “Finding Neverland”. Since then, he has been involved in further successful productions, including the James Bond film “Quantum of Solace” and action movie “World War Z”.

The competition is open

The primary focus of the activities of the “Verein zur Filmförderung in der Schweiz” is the “Filmmaker Award”. It will allow the Association to assist Swiss film productions in accordance with clearly formulated criteria. The request for submissions for the first “Filmmaker Award” is now on the ZFF website and invites Swiss filmmakers to submit their projects. To be eligible, feature films and documentaries need to be at least 60 minutes long and require gap or post-production financing. The jury, consisting of Marc Forster, Georges Kern and Karl Spoerri, together with a well-known chairperson to be chosen annually, will select the nominations from the projects submitted. The winner(s) of the award, who will receive funding totalling CHF 100,000, will be announced during the IWC Gala evening at the 11th Zurich Film Festival in late September 2015. Georges Kern, CEO of top replica watches store manufacturer IWC Schaffhausen, a co-partner of the ZFF, is proud of the fact that apart from partnerships with other film festivals in Beijing, New York, London and Dubai, the company is now able to help Swiss films and national filmmakers.