Retro Tissot Heritage Replica Watches With Brown Leather Straps For Sale

After the first World War, men began to give up the pocket watch and wear the wrist watch out of practical considerations. The Tissot Heritage fake watches for men adapt such retro watchmaking craft to reproduce the features of the wrist watch of that time. Let us have a look.

The replica watches with self-winding movements are inspired by a 1936 Tissot watch, so they are full of nostalgic elements. The wrist watch is 45mm in diameter and 12.98millimeter in thickness. The wrist watch matches a white dial, and the central part is grey. Equipped with the arabic numeral time scales, it presents a deep retro feeling.

It is worth mentioning that a pair of “U” crowns reflect the retro plot of the wrist watch. In the early stage, it could be said an important improvement design for the transformation from the pocket watch to the wrist watch. Now this type of ear is a unique existence that cherishes the memory of the classics. Just as the existence of crowns that are the most important elements of whole design, the Tissot copy watches with white dials can be full of retro styles.

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