Hands-On: Exploring TAG Heuer’s IndyCar Roots With The Canada 1:1 Swiss TAG Heuer Formula 1 Chronograph X Indy 500 Fake Watches At The 49th Acura Grand Prix Of Long Beach

It’s an event that goes by many names – “America’s Longest-Running Street Race,” “The Roar by the Shore,” “The 200 MPH Beach Party,” and more – but beyond the colorful branding, the 49th Acura Grand Prix of Long Beach (run on April 21, 2024) stands as a gem in the crown of American motorsports. Designed as America’s answer to the Monaco Grand Prix, this event has been run as a Formula 5000, Formula One, and IndyCar event at various points since 1975, but the spirit and prestige of the race remains the same. Other than the Indy 500 itself, this is the largest, most prestigious event on the NTT IndyCar Series calendar, with roughly 200,000 people in attendance, and a fan-friendly party atmosphere that draws in attendees from around the world. In person, there’s little that compares to it – incredibly close, highly competitive open-wheel racing featuring some of the best drivers in the world, and a level of openness and access to enthusiasts that series like Formula One don’t even attempt to match. With this level of racing competition and heritage, it’s little surprise that TAG Heuer has its own presence here. As the official watch sponsor of IndyCar and personal sponsor to Arrow McLaren driver Alexander Rossi, TAG Heuer’s racing spirit runs deep here on the streets of southern California – especially with its latest IndyCar-themed release, the perfect CA replica TAG Heuer Formula 1 Chronograph x Indy 500 watches.

Rossi’s a fan favorite here in Long Beach. An affable, determined California native, he’s a former Formula One driver (one of the few Americans to compete in the sport in the modern era), an Indy 500 winner, and a serious contender with a well-earned reputation for solid racecraft. In a way, he’s TAG Heuer’s best example of the brand’s “Don’t Crack Under Pressure” tagline, and he showed this resilience in an impressive recovery drive that stands among his finest performances. Dropping back to 27th position after Arrow McLaren teammate Pato O’Ward collided with him in the opening laps, Rossi’s tenacity, excellent pace, and alternative pit strategy allowed him to climb through the order to a solid 10th place finish and an excellent championship points haul in spite of the tight, difficult-to-pass nature of the Long Beach street circuit.

While he may not have been competing for the win this year, Rossi’s drive through the field was a major part of the spectacle of the Grand Prix – the white and orange Arrow McLaren scything through the competition amid the scream of Honda and Chevrolet V6 turbo engines, the acrid smell of burnt rubber and ethanol race fuel lingering in the pits after a blisteringly quick stop, and the hundreds of thousands of spectators in the stands made for a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Through it all, there was only one cheap fake watches on Rossi’s wrist: the latest TAG Heuer Formula 1 Chronograph x Indy 500.

Standing at a muscular, imposing 43mm wide, the best Canada copy TAG Heuer Formula 1 Chronograph x Indy 500 watches’ stainless steel case is shared with much of the current Formula 1 line and features a squared-off, sporty form that echoes the brand’s classic Autavia racing chronographs from the 1970s. The heavy, gear-toothed tachymeter bezel is a series hallmark, and for this specialty model TAG Heuer adds crisp “Indy 500” branding to the sporty black tachymeter bezel insert. Around back, a solid screwdown caseback helps this replica watches for men to achieve a hefty 200 meters of water resistance, and features a sharply rendered engraving of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway’s famous “winged wheel” logo against a checkered flag-pattern backdrop.

While the 2024 luxury fake TAG Heuer Formula 1 Chronograph x Indy 500 watches’ case keeps its IndyCar-themed tie-ins relatively restrained, the dial takes this theming to a different level. TAG Heuer makes liberal use of vivid, eye-catching red accents throughout this layout (particularly for chronograph elements), but the two that stand out the most on the wrist are the red outer seconds track and the unique, recolored printed Arabic hours numerals at 11 o’clock. This is a subtle, offbeat tribute to the first running of the Indy 500 in 1911, and even without this context this adds a racy, aggressive touch to the familiar Formula 1 layout. For the 1/10-seconds chronograph subdial at 6 o’clock, the brand takes things in a more overt direction, with a full-color printed winged wheel logo against a clean white subdial surface. Lastly, the matte black dial surface itself ties into the IndyCar ethos well, with a rugged asphalt texture that gives the familiar Formula 1 Chronograph design an added layer of character. With that said, many of the standard Formula 1 Chronograph’s divisive foibles are still here, including the potentially jarring white date display at 4:30.

Like much of the rest of the current line, TAG Heuer powers the Formula 1 Chronograph x Indy 500 replica watches wholesale shop with the Ronda 5040D quartz chronograph movement. Although it may lack some of the prestige and refinement of its mechanical counterparts, the 5040D is an impressively durable, ultra-accurate powerplant with 1/10-second chronograph capability for precise measurement. TAG Heuer’s choice of bracelet is also a familiar one here, with a sporty, straightforward brushed three-link design.

Since 1975, the Acura Grand Prix of Long Beach has stood as one of America’s greatest racing spectacles, and the new TAG Heuer Formula 1 Chronograph x Indy 500 super clone watches site is a stylish, fitting companion for the energy, passion, and IndyCar action of this long-running event. The TAG Heuer Formula 1 Chronograph x Indy 500 is available now through authorized dealers. MSRP for this high quality Canada replica watches stands at $2,400 USD as of press time.

Favourite Top Canada Replica Watches For Sale From All Of The Fairs

There are a lot of new ‘effing cheap CA replica watches to see and we certainly saw a lot. Below, the editorial team picks their favourites.

Russell’s pick: Replica TAG Heuer Monaco Split-Seconds Chronograph Watches

This is not the type of watch I normally go for. I have built a bit of a reputation for slim, classical, dress watches that place refinement and elegance above all else. But when a brand’s personality, history and capabilities are so well captured in one place, it is very hard for me to ignore. Before I am a watch lover, I am a lover of a good story and the high quality fake TAG Heuer Monaco Split-Seconds Chronograph watches, to me, is the physical embodiment of the brand TAG Heuer is today.

The racing history, with a constant presence in the world of motorsport paired with the current ability of the company’s personnel and image have coalesced into what we see here. A wonderfully complex, aesthetically modern, yet conceptually old, racing luxury copy watches that signals perfectly what TAG Heuer stand for now and in the future. Openly bringing in the expertise of Vaucher shows maturity at the leadership level, despite having the talented Carole Forestier-Kasapi as Movement Director, they knew that to pull off this company first at such an impressive level would require external assistance.

Yes, this is prohibitively expensive, but a brand like TAG Heuer needs a watch at this level to show exactly what it is capable of, and act as a concept car would for a company such as Mercedes. You will never get to drive it, but once you shift down in your E-Class, you know that some of that technology is powering you down the Autobahn. This is exactly the same. While I may well be a long way off owning a split-seconds from TAG Heuer, I can take some comfort in knowing that my “run-of-the-mill” Skipper was designed and built with the same level of care and expertise that created this glass box horological racing machine. And that is a story I can’t do justice in words.

Andrew’s pick: Fake IWC Portugieser Hand-Wound Tourbillon Day & Night Watches

Out of all of the new Portugieser releases, the stand outs, for me, were the obsidian dial models due to the effect of their multiple black lacquer treatments. I’ve never seen a black dial so deep and so mysterious, and the way that they’ve been paired with gold cases… I just find the contrast absolutely intoxicating. The best of all the obsidian models is no doubt the Swiss made replica IWC Portugieser Hand-Wound Tourbillon Day & Night watches – and it’s not because of the flying tourbillon at 6′ which brings a touch of high horology to the Portugieser. It is its very minimal, elegant, and aesthetically pleasing day/night indicator in the form of a golden sphere that has black on one side and gold on the other. And as it rotates you beautifully and three-dimensionally get a legible and simple indication of whether it is night or day based on the amount of black or gold that is visible.

The beauty of the story, as well, is that it was an idea put forward by an apprentice. By a young watchmaker. Their idea was not only heard, but actually actioned and implemented. I just think it is such a great credit to IWC that they’re hiring innovative young watchmakers, and if their ideas are deserving, that they’re going all the way through to the final product. There’s obviously something of a meritocracy at IWC with their next wave of watchmakers. It’s an absolutely stunning piece ‘in the metal’ and I think few AAA online super clone watches will impress you as much in hand as this watch and the obsidian-dialled range as a whole.

Oh, last thought: this Hand-Wound Tourbillon Day & Night has a little trick up its sleeve that’s worth having an extra look at. As a bonus, you get to see this rotating sphere as well through the open caseback… And these casebacks put the OPEN in open caseback. They are so open that looking at the movement feels like you are staring at, truly, a widescreen 4K caseback like you’ve never seen before.

Pietro’s pick: Cartier Crocodile Jewellery Replica Watches

During the past week, I’ve had the chance to be hands-on with many of the releases – both within Palexpo and outside of it. While having touched many of them, and being exposed to the digital version of countless others, the ones I really remember are those I had the pleasure to handle. Playing with the light and seeing how shadows and reflections change is the only way to fully understand and enjoy a watch – and between all of them, one really stood out and, in all honesty, I was pretty surprised it did.

I think I’ve got a pretty conservative taste regarding perfect fake watches I like – they are usually thin, elegant timepieces with clean dials, and usually manual winding, too. Well, this Cartier definitely doesn’t check any of those boxes. because it’s a triumph of shapes, stones, colours and the cherry on top: it’s quartz. Oh, and it doesn’t fit my wrist at all. I can’t even close the alligator strap. I feel words don’t give this watch (is it even a watch? Probably better to call it an artwork) justice. The rounded white gold case serves as a canvas for the meticulously cut mother of pearl, gemstones, and enamel scales of the white gold sculpted crocodile encrusted with diamonds.

As you probably can see it’s one of the only mentions in this article that just has press pictures, and not because we didn’t see it in person. Between Borna, Jamie and I, we were so mesmerised by the beauty of this watch that we completely forgot to take pictures while handling it for a considerable amount of time. Would I get this wholesale 2024 Cartier replica watches? Probably, if the price was not in the six-figure territory. Would I wear it? Probably not. But who cares? I could stare at this thing forever…

The Iconic Cheap Swiss Fake TAG Heuer Carrera Dato Watches For Canada Goes Green

At the tail end of January, TAG Heuer announced that its quirky heritage “Dato” chronograph replica watches for sale, which has been the canvas for a vintage-inspired limited edition reboot or two, would finally be ascending the ranks into a stable position in the brand’s contemporary catalog. This fateful announcement was heralded during one of the most hectic times in the calendar of the watch world – the annual LVMH watch week, in which all brands under the luxury conglomerate are all duking it out for air time. Now that the dust has properly settled, I think it’s about time to revisit the now-iconic-by-name “Dato,” and give it more time in the spotlight.

As you might already be familiar with, the 2024 AAA fake TAG Heuer Carrera watches made its debut into the watch world in 1963, the product of a scrappy young Jack Heuer that would be indicative of his early success. The original Dato, as well as the second-generation Dato (ref 3147N), followed soon after in the latter half of the ’60s. A hard-to-track-down favorite among collectors, the second-generation Dato is distinguished by its minimalistic layout featuring just a singular sundial in the form of a 30-minute totalizer, as well as the nine o’clock date window, which successfully pushed out the controversial 12 o’clock date window that marked the original model.

Simultaneously upholding the legacy of an underrated design within the TAG Heuer archive while equipping it with fan-favorite details from its contemporary playlist of hits, the iconic best CA replica TAG Heuer Carrera Dato watches is, in my humble opinion, one of the strongest releases from this year so far. This strength is derived from the interplay between the dial layout that’s boiled down to the most essential functions set against the bright confidence of the circular brushed emerald green dial itself. I always find it an exciting way of creating tension in design when simplicity and excess brush shoulders.

The dramatically domed “glassbox” sapphire crystal protecting the dial is yet another example of a vintage-meets-contemporary detail that the brand has successfully added to its repertoire, calling to the domed crystal of 20th-century chronographs. Even if it does contribute to increasing the considerable profile of 13.8mm, the glassbox profile has been a runaway hit amongst fans of the brand since its introduction, and the 39mm diameter of this top copy watches remains incredibly versatile. Sometimes, a steep profile is a small price to pay for style and this detail makes the sloped chronograph seconds scale encircling the dial look particularly handsome.

While the heritage Dato replica watches wholesale was equipped with a 45-minute totalizer, in its modern interpretation, this feature sports a slight decrease in time, measuring up to 30-minute increments. As I alluded to earlier, the dial is pleasantly minimal, going easy on the text. The brightly polished, rhodium-plated faceted hour markers are a familiar feature across the modern Carrera family and are accented with Super-LumiNova coated pips to assist legibility in low light conditions.

The movement within – the TH20-07 – is a novel addition to the modern luxury fake TAG Heuer Dato watches. Manufactured in-house by TAG Heuer, this automatic caliber has an impressive power reserve of 80 hours, has been updated to suit the signature layout of the Dato, and is on full display through the sapphire crystal exhibition caseback.

The overall impression that one gets with the release of the perfect Canada replica TAG Heuer Carrera Iconic Dato watches is that TAG Heuer is a brand keenly aware of the power of its legacy, but with a decisive path forward to maintain relevancy and keep up the momentum in the landscape of today. Even if the vibrant green colorway is a bit controversial for some, the very presence of a non-limited Dato super clone watches online site in the brand’s modern catalog tells of its ability to stay on the pulse of its fanbase – ultimately creating something that feels fresh while playing the hits from its design archive.

Canada AAA Monochromatic Fake Watches Online

Monochromatic Swiss made replica watches, particularly those crafted entirely in black, have carved a unique niche within the watchmaking industry. This trend towards stealthy and sophisticated timepieces has been embraced by several leading brands, each bringing its own innovation and design philosophy to the table.

Replica IWC Pilot’s Timezoner Top Gun Ceratanium Watches

The 1:1 CA fake IWC Pilot’s Timezoner Top Gun Ceratanium watches is a testament to IWC’s innovation in materials and design. Ceratanium, a material developed by IWC, combines the lightness and structural integrity of titanium with the hardness and scratch-resistance of ceramic. This cheap copy watches features a world-time complication that allows the wearer to adjust the time zone by simply pressing and rotating the bezel, a functional marvel for global travelers. Its monochromatic appearance underscores the Top Gun collection’s association with elite aviation, offering both style and substance.

Fake TAG Heuer Monaco “Dark Lord” Watches

Reviving a nickname originally bestowed upon a rare 1970s model, the top replica TAG Heuer Monaco “Dark Lord” watches brings a dark, charismatic presence to the iconic Monaco collection. This high quality super clone watches is distinguished by its matte black PVD-coated case and black dial with contrasting red accents, encapsulating the rebellious spirit of the original Monaco. Its square case and chronograph functionality remain faithful to the collection’s racing heritage, while the all-black theme adds a modern, edgy twist.

Panerai Submersible Challenger Luna Rossa GMT 47mm Carbotech PAM01039 Replica Watches

The Swiss movements fake Panerai Submersible Challenger Luna Rossa GMT 47mm Carbotech PAM01039 watches represents a collaboration between Panerai and the Luna Rossa Challenge sailing team, merging nautical engineering with horological innovation. The 2024 online replica watches’ case is made from Carbotech, a composite material based on carbon fiber, which is not only lighter and more resistant to stress but also distinct in its appearance, with a variegated, matte black finish. This GMT model features a second time zone function, indicated by a central hand, making it ideal for those who travel or work across different time zones. The watch’s design incorporates elements inspired by the Luna Rossa sailboat, including a dial made from the same material as the boat’s sails.

Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Minute Repeater Super Sonnerie Fake Watches

The perfect Canada replica Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Minute Repeater Super Sonnerie watches stands as a pinnacle of acoustic engineering and aesthetic refinement within the realm of luxury timepieces. This watch is housed in a black ceramic case, a material chosen for its durability and distinctive look, which contrasts beautifully with the Royal Oak’s iconic octagonal bezel and integrated bracelet. The best fake watches’ minute repeater complication is a highlight, offering a clear, resonant chime that ranks among the best in the world.

The Super Sonnerie designation refers to its superior sound projection and quality, achieved through innovative case construction and the use of a patented system that enhances the sound intensity and clarity of the chimes. This luxury replica watches exemplifies Audemars Piguet’s mastery of both technical horology and sophisticated design, making it a coveted piece for collectors and enthusiasts alike.

TAG Heuer Sprints Towards Success With Its New High Quality TAG Heuer Carrera Chronograph Fake Watches For Canada

Swiss luxury watchmaker TAG Heuer introduces the cheap replica TAG Heuer Carrera Chronograph watches, drawing inspiration from the timeless link between cars, drivers, and motor racing.

This exceptional top CA fake watches captures the essence of legendary drivers, symbolizing their relentless pursuit of excellence on the racetrack and encouraging wearers to embrace thrilling challenges with the same passion that has defined motorsport history.

Golden times

The TAG Heuer Carrera Chronograph replica watches for sale is a remarkable showcase of craftsmanship. It goes beyond being a watch; it’s a testament to TAG Heuer’s commitment to creating timepieces that resonate with those who reach for the extraordinary. 

This narrative traces back to Jack Heuer, a visionary who introduced a game-changing concept: gifting gold timepieces to racing drivers. This ingenious gesture forged an unbreakable bond between TAG Heuer and the world of motorsports. These best copy watches surpassed their role as rewards; they became loyal companions in the relentless pursuit of victory. Amidst the roar of engines and the thrill of speed, these timepieces graced the wrists of drivers like Ronnie Peterson, and Niki Lauda, urging them to shatter their limits. 

Jack Heuer’s audacity reshaped the realm of luxury watch marketing forever. Those gold perfect replica watches became more than timekeepers; they encapsulated the essence of accomplishment, courage, and an unwavering quest for excellence. Every tick of the chronograph echoed the pulse of a driver’s bravery, a constant reminder of their path to greatness.

The TAG Heuer Carrera Chronograph 39mm fake watches for men pays tribute to this vintage era, exuding retro charm and timeless aesthetics that stand as a testament to the brand’s unstoppable spirit.

Pushing for success in 2023

The 18K 3N yellow gold case of the online replica TAG Heuer Carrera Chronograph watches marks the splendid conclusion to the 60th anniversary saga of the Carrera collection. This timepiece upholds the timeless essence of the TAG Heuer Carrera with its classic round case, seamlessly integrated lugs, and user- friendly chronograph pushers positioned at 2 and 4 o’clock. These pushers gracefully bridge the vintage allure of the watch with a modern flair.

The spirit of the original 1960s designs finds resonance in the luxuriously balanced 18K 3N yellow gold-plated dial of the new model. For improved legibility, this dial features contrasting black “azuré” subdials at 3 and 9 o’clock, reminiscent of the iconic reverse panda configuration.

Yet, the pinnacle of the Carrera’s 60th anniversary celebration lies within the exquisite golden-cased TAG Heuer Carrera Chronograph, featuring the groundbreaking Glassbox design which encompasses the watch’s overall aesthetics. When viewed in cross- section, the wholesale super clone watches‘ silhouette is fluid thanks to the seamlessly curved edges of the domes sapphire crystal, yet also angular due to the case’s taut flanks and muscular, avant-garde lugs. This innovation breathes new life into the 2023 Carrera collection, elevating its visual elegance and making it an exceptional centerpiece. The gracefully curved flange not only amplifies visibility but also simplifies the reading of the 60-second / minute scale that encircles the edge of the dial.

To ensure optimal legibility, the black lacquered central hand creates a striking contrast against the luxurious gold dial, and its vertical brushed finish, reminiscent of the racetrack markings.

The new 2023 1:1 replica TAG Heuer Carrera watches‘ elegant 39mm diameter case, is equipped with TAG Heuer’s in-house chronograph movement Heuer 02, listed as TH20-00. This movement features a bi-directional winding, and an impressive 80-hour power reserve.

The luxury fake watches is accompanied by a black perforated calfskin leather strap, secured with a 18K 3N yellow gold pin buckle, enhancing the timepiece’s connection to its racing-inspired heritage while adding an air of exclusivity and luxury.

As the celebration of 60 years of Carrera concludes, this TAG Heuer Carrera Chronograph stands as a beacon of achievement, encouraging wearers to embrace their own journey of success, just as legendary drivers have done throughout history. The TAG Heuer Carrera Chronograph is more than a watch; it’s a talisman embodying challenge and determination.

Born To Race: The Luxury Canada TAG Heuer Monaco Chronograph Racing Blue Replica Watches

The Swiss luxury watchmaker is pleased to introduce the TAG Heuer Monaco Chronograph Racing Blue Limited Edition replica watches for sale, a fresh take on the iconic square racing chronograph

This new top CA TAG Heuer Monaco fake watches is a testament to the brand’s dedication to creating iconic timepieces inspired by the motorsport universe. More than a chronograph, it is a symbol of excellence and innovation. The new best replica TAG Heuer Monaco Chronograph Racing Blue watches celebrates the brand’s rich history connected to competition cars by featuring hues of blue paying tribute to the emblematic French Racing Blue…

TAG Heuer Monaco: A Watch Inspired by an Iconic Race

Perfect TAG Heuer copy watches has always been among the timekeepers most closely associated with racing, and the Monaco collection is an embodiment of this ideal. When the brand introduced the model in 1969, it revolutionized the watchmaking industry. Unlike anything else on the market, the timepiece featured the first square cased water-resistant chronograph which housed the revolutionary Calibre 11 movement. More than a bold design statement – the Heuer Monaco was named after the legendary principality that hosts one of Formula 1’s most renowned races. This relationship has held a special place in the brand’s heart and history and remains a significant aspect of Swiss movements TAG Heuer replica watches’ identity to this day.

For many, the TAG Heuer Monaco will always be associated with one of the greatest actors of his generation, Steve McQueen. In 1970, while filming Le Mans, the Hollywood superstar decided to wear the same racing suit and 1:1 fake watches as the professional driver and personal trainer, Jo Siffert. By doing so, he aimed to embody the role of an authentic racing driver, and he quickly became a style icon in his own right, proudly sporting a Heuer Monaco timepiece.

Over the years, the China AAA TAG Heuer Monaco super clone watches has continued to evolve, incorporating new materials, technologies, and design elements that make it a true work of art, quickly becoming a symbol of the brand’s avant-garde spirit. This latest version of the Monaco Chronograph Racing Blue is no exception, as it pays homage to the incredible racing heritage and the indelible mark that TAG Heuer has left on the discipline.

National Racing Colours

In the summer of 2023, TAG Heuer is releasing new TAG Heuer Monaco replica watches wholesale, drawing a line through decades of history connecting the brand to the world of motorsport. In the early days of motor racing, cars were distinguished by their national colors rather than manufacturer or sponsor liveries. Each country had its own specific hue, such as the renowned British racing green, the vibrant Italian red, Germany’s initial use of white before transitioning to silver, and the unmistakable shade of blue associated with the French. It is that particular shade of blue that serves as the inspiration for TAG Heuer’s latest creation, the TAG Heuer Monaco Chronograph Racing Blue.

The new TAG Heuer Monaco Chronograph Racing Blue features a tone that evokes the colors sported by esteemed automotive brands like Talbot-Lago, Delage and, last but not least, the famous Bugatti Type 35. The subsidiary dials and strap come in a gamut of azure tones, while the indexes are presented in a lighter shade. The fake watches shop features striking lime yellow accents that add a fresh touch to the timepiece, perfectly complementing the color palette of the model.

The replica watches for men boasts a stunning silvered sunray brushed dial reminiscent of the engine-turned dashboard seen in sports cars in the 1920s and 1930s. The dial is adorned with eight applied, silvered hour markers and 12 blue dot markers, facilitating effortless time reading. Notably, a faceted baton marker at 12 o’clock features a vibrant yellow stripe, serving as a direct connection to the chronograph’s central hand.

The hour and minute hands are enhanced with blue Super-LumiNova® for excellent visibility in all lighting conditions. Complementing this, the lacquered central hand in lime yellow, which adds a pop of colour. Collectively, these design elements harmonize the TAG Heuer Monaco Chronograph Racing Blue, creating a striking timepiece that captures the spirit of the automotive world.

The high quality fake watches is powered by the Calibre 11 automatic chronograph movement, encased within a sandblasted grade 2 titanium casing, giving both robustness and lightness to it, and featuring a sapphire caseback, allowing a glimpse into the movement inside.

The TAG Heuer Monaco Chronograph Racing Blue comes with a blue calfskin strap with perforations, a signature for cheap replica watches linked to racing. The strap is secured with a titanium folding clasp, featuring the engraved Heuer logo.

The caseback of the Monaco Chronograph Racing Blue is engraved with the limited edition “One of 1000”, and the fake watches shop is presented in a specially designed vibrant blue packaging with lime yellow details.

Available from July 2023, the new TAG Heuer Monaco Chronograph Racing Blue will be sold in TAG Heuer boutiques, on the brand’e e-commerce websites, and at select retail partners.