Exploring Golden Cases Longines Limited Replica Watches For Albert Einstein

No matter who you are, you need to control the time with accurate timepieces in daily life even for Einstein. Albert Einstein is too big which is linked with general relativity, quantum theory, Nobel Prize, atomic bomb. So he has been adored by common people. So for such a famous and clever people, which fake watches with self-winding movements are more favored by him?


Einstein Longines watches were sold in 2008 with the highest price.

Longines Limited copy watches are craved PROF ALBERT EINSTEIN LOS ANGELES FEB 16, 1931.

It is no doubt that his favorite watches must be the top in the watch industry. That brand is Longines. It is said that he is the senior fan of Longines. The story of Einstein and Longines began in 1931. At that year, he bought a kind of elegant Longines Limited replica watch which was created in 1929 with barrel cases and slim hollow hands. The white dials and simple arabic numerals, black leather straps make the whole watches elegant and luxury which is suitable for his character.

In 2008, the sale of the Longines copy watches with white dials immediately caught the eyes of many people. Also it should be the highest price in the history of Longines. For the new owner, it is worth because it was once worn by Einstein.

Einstein, a great scientist, loved Longines watches all his life. He wore the Longines gold watch in the picture.

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